Light. Images. Light/images. Moving lights. Moving images. Moving/light/images. Framed and free flowing light waves, sculptural light objects. The ON site-specific group exhibition presents works by artists of Lighthouse light art society at an unusual location by utilizing the special atmosphere of Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen and turning it into an impromptu art gallery.

The artworks, symbolizing the constant change and variable permanence, invite the audience to experience light in its many forms in person. The analogue and digital light art pieces and kinetic installations present the opportunity to explore manmade structures, reflective surfaces and light as a medium. The exhibition – with a title referring to living in the moment, being hooked/switched on – represents several different ideas and concepts, engaging the viewer to discover the colourful interaction between presence and light at a labyrinth-like theatre. While wandering through the mostly hidden locations spread around multiple floors, moving walls, transcendent and cosmic perspectives, shadow phenomena, geometric shapes, holographic animation and light forms reveal themselves in the physical and virtual dimension.

The interactive and static works represent the space-transforming quality with reflections produced by constantly morphing visuals and pulsating flashes. Through complex spatial experiences and universal symbols, the audience can experience the waves of colours and rhythms, reinterpret their sense of space and time, and determine their present state in the planetary system.

Lighthouse light art society set out to create a platform for Hungarian and international light artists, offer collaboration opportunities for those interested in the medium of light with professionals from the field of culture, education and science, and popularize light art through informative and thematic events. ON is the first exhibition by Lighthouse.

Artists: Zalán ADORJÁN, Gáspár BATTHA , László Zsolt BORDOS, Glowing Bulbs (Tamás ZÁDOR, Márton NOLL), Healium (Márton TIMÓCZKI-NAGY, Márton URBÁN, Zsolt EMRI), Tamás HERCZEG, Gábor KITZINGER, Ivó KOVÁCS, Erik MÁTRAI, Martin MIKOLAI, András NAGY, Csongor G SZIGETI, Csilla SZILÁGYI, Hanna TARDOS, Viktor VICSEK / / LIMELIGHT

Creative concept: Lighthouse
Creative management: Andrea KOVÁCS, Krisztina HECKLER, Let it Be! art agency
Design: Rozi MÁKÓ
Web design: Orsolya KAINCZ
Technical manager: Bence BUCZKÓ
Organizers: László Zsolt BORDOS, Dr István PUSKÁS
Co-organizers: Csokonai Színház, Debreceni Virágkarnevál, Debrecen